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Updated May 2018


4Front Ltd., Company owner of “FPVGame” brand and e-commerce website www.fpvgame.eu, deeply cares about its Visitors and Users Privacy and it is committed to the protection of the collected personal data, stored into our platform, according to the current Laws;

This Privacy Policy states what information is collected, for what purpose, where it is stored, with whom it is shared and how Visitors and Users can get a copy of their personal information, how to revise it or how to have it deleted.

Before using our web-site, we warmly advise our Visitors and Users to read carefully this policy and to make sure of full comprehension of the policy itself.

By checking the “Read and Accepted” box, Visitor or User gives her/his consent to her/his personal information processing according to purposes stated below. However, the consent can be withdrawn anytime, following instructions at point 8 of this policy.

This policy can’t be applied to third parties (e.g. Paypal, GLS, UPS, etc.) that have their own Privacy Policies you can check at provided links

1- Which information may be collected

This website does not require any subscription to browse it and/or to place orders.
However, personal information provided by Visitors and Users may be received, collected and stored, e.g.:

  • IP address of the used device

  • E-mail address, name, surname, physical address, phone number

  • Fiscal Informations (Tax Numbers, VAT ID, etc.)

  • Purchase History

  • Conversations History

  • Details provided to place an order (e.g. payment details)

  • Details provided for feedbacks about products/services, comments and reviews

Software and applications as provided by hosting platform (Wix.com) may be used in order to collect non-personal information regarding site pages response time and interactions, device class, Operative System and/or eventually used Browser.
This kind of information is collected exclusively for technical purposes and does not allows to identify Visitor or User.


2- For what purpose we collect Personal Information

Since the Visitor or the User place an order on www.fpvgame.eu, as functional part of transaction itself, we may collect personal information such as name, surname, physical address, e-mail address, contact information. Such information is collected with the only purpose to provide good and/or services as required by the User.

In detail:

  • To ship to the User purchased products and/or services

  • To provide pre and/or post sale and/or technical support

  • To be allowed to contact Visitor and/or User to provide secondary services (e.g. technical updates of previously purchased goods)

  • To advice Visitor and/or User about stock or re-stock of new or pre-ordered products.

  • To comply with current Laws and Regulation (e.g. tax obligations)

3- Data storage and sharing

This website is hosted by Wix.com platform that provides us with tools needed to sale our products/services. Visitor/User Information is stored by Wix.com into professional grade servers, firewall protected.

To get more information about Wix.com Data Protection policy, please refer to the following link.

All payment gateways provided by Wix.com and used by us (e.g. Paypal, Stripe) are compliant with PCI-DSS security standard under the supervising of “PCI Security Standards Council”, a board established by the major credit services providers (Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover). PCI-DSS Standard helps providers of credit services to keep safe any credit card information.

To know more about Data Protection Policies used by these subjects, please refer to the following links:

Names, Surnames, physical addresses and, optionally, phone numbers and e-mail addresses as provided by Visitor/User during a transaction are also stored into our express courier services providers, GLS and UPS with the only purpose to guarantee the delivery of purchased goods.

For further information about express couriers service provider Data Protection, please check the following links:

Name, Surnames, Business Names, VAT and/or TAX IDs, business addresses, billing addresses, delivery addresses of Users that placed at least an order are also stored into 4Front Ltd.’s Internal Management System, kept in Firewall-Safe archive and into 4Front Ltd.’s designed Business Consultant archives, obligated to the Professional Secret according to current Laws, in order to comply with current tax obligations.

4- Law Enforcement, legal requests and duties

Where requested and in compliance with applicable Laws, 4Front Ltd. may be obligated to disclose Visitors/Users personal information pursuant to a legal request such as subpoena, legal proceedings, search warrant or Court order, if we have good faith that laws require us to do so, with or without notification to the owner of personal information.


5- Protecting rights and safety

Without prejudice to the good faith, where the Management of 4Front Ltd. consider the need to defend rights, physical or intellectual properties, personal safety of Visitors, Users, contributors or 4Front Ltd itself, we may disclose personal information to third parties in compliance with applicable Laws with or without notice to the owner of such personal information.

6- Third Party Social Media extensions

Our web-site www.fpvgame.eu includes third parties extensions such as Facebook’s “Like” button or Facebook’s, Twitter’s, Google+’s, Pinterest’s or Fancy’s “Share this” button.
These Social Media Features may collect information such as your IP address or which page you are visiting on our Website, and may set a cookie to enable them to function properly. Social Media Features are either hosted by a third party or hosted directly on our Services. Your interactions with these third parties’ Social Media Features are governed by their policies and not ours.

7- How and why we may contact a User

We may contact you for several reasons, commonly:

  • To inform the User of the conclusion of a transaction or issues about it.

  • To confirm the shipment of goods purchased by the User and to give shipment tracking information.

  • To inform the User about dedicated or generic discount coupons.

  • To inform the User about price variations or products/categories discounts.

  • To inform the User about secondary services upgrades or modifications.

  • To request the User for more complete shipping/billing information in order to better guarantee the delivery/billing.

  • To provide the User with requested technical/commercial information.

  • To request or refund, partially or totally a payment.

  • To send promotional information, special offers, re-stock of products ordered but not available at the moment, where the User gave her/his explicit consent.

  • To manage support inquiry or defective products replacement.

  • To request the User for her/his satisfaction about purchased and/or presented product and/or service quality and/or reviews

We may contact you through:

  • e-mail message from “4frontsrl@gmail.com” e-mail address (preferred for generic communications)

  • e-mail message, possibly with content of images and/or link to products pages too, from “4frontsrl@pb02.wixshoutout.com” (for promotional communications)

  • Internal Instant Messaging application

  • Phone call or text from + 39 327 2388 777

  • Traceable mail from

4Front SrL
Via delle Rose, 43
00055 Ladispoli – ITALY


8- Cookies – What they are and why we use them

Cookies are small files downloaded into Visitor/User device by any web-site and are intended to track and memorize certain information (e.g. site language) in order to optimize Visitor/User experience.
This web-site uses Cookies provided by Wix.com, listed in the table below:


Other Cookies not listed above may be downloaded into Visitor/User browser: to know about cookies downloaded into a browser and/or to delete them, Visitor/User should refer to the Browser preferences, e.g. Google Chrome:

Please, keep in mind that deleting our cookies or disabling future cookies or tracking technologies may adversely affect your user experience.

9- E-Mail Marketing, discounts and Newsletter

Only after explicit consent by the Visitor/User, we may send promotional messages, also including images and direct link to product pages; e-mail to inform the Visitor/User about new products in stock; e-mail to inform the Visitor/User about generic or dedicated discount coupons.

Before to submit her/his e-email address to receive such messages, the Visitor/User should read and be sure of full understanding of this Policy before to check the “Read and Accepted” box.
Visitor/User consent will be registered by proper internal application provided by Wix.com and can be withdrawn anytime following instructions at the end of every sent promotional e-mail. 4Front Ltd. is committed to send reasonable amount of promotional messages in a reasonable time interval.


10- Privacy Policy updates

4Front Ltd. Reserves the right to modify and/or update this Privacy Policy according to updates and/or modifications of applicable Laws. We warmly suggest Visitors/Users to check periodically this page. When possible, 4Front Ltd. is committed to inform Visitors/Users of applied modifications and/or updates.

11- How to request copy, amendment or cancellation of Personal Information

Visitors/Users have the right to have full control on Personal Information we collect and store, to have the chance to have a copy, revise them or fully delete them. Please, keep in mind that our web-site does not require any registration to place order, to scroll pages, to have any information about shown products; nevertheless, to fully delete contacts and shipping/billing information may imply limitations to the user experience and/or to set contacts and shipping/billing information again to complete a new transaction.

Please keep in mind that in order to comply to Data Protection Laws, we may ask identity confirmation by a user requesting for Personal Information copy, revising or full cancellation

Visitor/User that would have her/his Personal Information copy, to be revised, updated or deleted from our archives, with exception of those strictly needed to comply with tax obligation according to applicable Laws, can ask sending an e-mail to 4frontsrl@gmail.com or by traceable mail to

4Front SrL
Via delle Rose, 43
00055 Ladispoli – Roma

We will make all reasonable effort to honor Visitor/User request promptly, even remaining request managing times, User Identity verification by 4Front Ltd. included, generally with 48-72 hours.

12- Informed Consent – Cookie Banner

Cookies are small files downloaded into Visitor/User device by any web-site and are intended to track and memorize certain information (e.g. site language) in order to optimize Visitor/User experience.

For further details about Cookies and their usage, please refer to point 5 of the Privacy Policy: please check it before to submit your consent.

By checking 
I have read and accept the privacy policy, Visitor/User consents to cookies usage as per Privacy Policy statements. Visitor/User can withdraw her/his consent any time. Please keep in mind that consent negation or withdrawal may affect some functionality of this site.

Informed Consent – E-Mail Marketing

By submit of your e-mail address you will receive messages about products promotions, new product in stock or re-stocked products, newsletters, discounts coupons; all messages will be delivered in reasonable amount and reasonable time interval. Before to give your consent, please refer to point 6 of our Privacy Policy to gain specific informations about our marketing campaigns. Please, keep in mind the you can withdraw your consent any time and that we are available for any further information you may need.


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