Tired of looking around for your battery after a crash? Scared of LiPo moving at the wrong time?

Well, stop worrying and give it some extra grip with these specialized pre-cut anti-slip pads! Made of soft and strong, high quality 3M silicon! Simply stick it between your drone and LiPo, tight gently your strap and the pack won’t move anymore! When dirty, rinse it with some moisturized cloth and it will look like new again!

    Package includes:

    • 1pcs pre-cut silicon pad


    3M Silicon Anti-Slip 30.5x30.50 for battery

    €0.51 Regular Price
    €0.30Sale Price

    XT60 Plug Male – Female

    LiPo Safe Bag 23x33

    Battery Tester/Balancer GT Power

    Battery Balance Guard 4S

    Battery Straps Nomex 200x20mm

    Battery Straps 200x15mm

    TPU Battery landing skid for 5" racer

    TPU Battery landing skid for 2"-3" racer

    1 pair TPU Cap for XT60

    iFlight Strider X2 122 mm Stretched-X micro racing frame

    iFlight Strider X5 v2 240 mm Stretched-X racing frame

    iFlight Y-Lite X3 Pure-X racing frame

    iFlight Y-Lite X5 Pure-X racing frame

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