The best way to clean up electrical noise getting to Gyro and to the whole FPV system, a good capacitor will help you to save money protecting all of your electronic also from active braking spikes!
A must have!

Choose 10V 470 uF for your 20x20 F4 Flight Controller or 12A 4in1 ESC

You won’t regret!


    Capacitor Low ESR 10v 470uF High Quality by Sanyo

    €0.21 Regular Price
    €0.10Sale Price


    • Type: Radial Lead

    · Maximum Temperature: 105°C

    · Withstand Voltage: 10V / 25V

    · Capacitance: 470uF / 1000uF

    · Size: 10 x 17mm

    · Lead Spacing: 4.5mm

    · Lead Length: 26mm (POS) and 21mm (NEG)

    • Dielectric Material: Aluminum

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